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Feel more confident during your newborn photography session.
Make your newborn posing flow more smooth with the poses you can replicate easily.

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Why download?

This Cheat Sheet is a source of knowledge and inspiration for newborn picture ideas for those who:
  • Only start doing newborn photography.
  • Are experienced in baby photography but still interested in learning somebody’s else newborn posing flow. You always can get some new newborn picture ideas!
  • Once were asked to shoot “white on white” or “grey on grey” or doesn’t matter which colour and found it challenging. How to keep the monochromic style of the newborn photography session while providing a sufficient amount and variety of images?
  • Aim to highlight the baby in her purity by keeping the style of the newborn photo session simple and natural.
  • Are starting to build a collection of newborn photoshoot props and accessories for photo sessions.
  • Think about the introduction of a new colour to the existing collection of newborn photography props. A bundle makes more sense than a single purchased newborn photo prop.
  • Are fans of the brand All Newborn Props and simply adore their products.

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