• Newborn Baby Photo Props – Molly/Valentina Set

    From  61.83

    Inspired by the idea that preparation for a newborn baby girl photography session should be as easy as one-two-three, this photo props bundle combines truly charming designs with coordinated shades. This super girly set has pretty ruffled details hand-beaded with real rose quartz and artificial pearls.

  • Photo Prop for Newborn Girl Set – Floral Ursula/Molly

    From  101.70

    Meant for all your enchanting newborn girl photo sessions, our new special floral prop set combines the delicate pattern with the softest fabrics (cue the fire emojis). Pretty in white with floral accents, this photo props bundle will take the stress out of coordinating a newborn girl setup for a floral photography session.

  • Newborn Girl Photography Props – Molly/Ursula Set

    From  47.70

    Delicate and feminine in soft cotton blend fabric, this newborn girl photography props set comes in a timeless white colour and beautiful floral print. Perfect for an all-white newborn girl photography session to add a subtle accent to your client’s gallery.

  • Newborn Photo Props Girl Set – Donna/Darrell (Blush)

    From  146.70
  • Newborn Photo Props Boy Set – Donna/Darrell (Dark Grey)

    From  163.60
  • Baby Props for Pictures – Donna/Darrell Set (Mulch)

    From  163.60
  • Props for Newborn Photography – Donna/Darrell Set (Oatmeal)

    From  163.60
  • Props for Newborn Girl or Boy – Donna/Felipe Set

    From  137.70

    The search for the perfect use-every-session newborn props set for girl or boy is over. The neutral grey colour and textures create a super-picturesque image, earning this set maximum points for versatility.

  • Baby Girl Posing Props – Donna/Josephine Set

    From  140.60

    This is how you nail the polychromatic baby girl posing props setup. This beautiful set is the perfect example of colourful but not too vivid. It combines pale lilac with neutral grey and a bit of white. We specifically selected props in plain patterns in order to avoid overloading the colourful combination.

  • Newborn Baby Photography Props – Donna/Petra Bundle

    From  126.70
  • New Born Props Bundle – Donna/Khloe

    From  106.70

    If it’s effortless elegance you’re searching for whether for a new born girl or boy, this baby props set delivers. This set comes with a poser cover knitted from luxurious mohair blend yarn, soft and stretchy newborn wrap AND a dainty headband for a baby girl.

  • Newborn Baby Prop Bundle – Donna/Nina Matching Set

    From  122.60

    This matching newborn prop bundle will be your new baby girl photography setup go-to. It combines our unique newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ knitted in luxurious mohair-blend yarn and chic artificial pearls headband. The exceptional wrap is designed for every newborn pose you can think about. And the tiny knitted heart is the final show-stealing addition.