Baby Prop Bundle for Photo Session – Griffin/Molly (Stellar Mist)

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This newborn baby prop bundle for photo session is a dream. Textured but not too much, specially handpicked for an A+ excitement (the secret is a newborn blanket and posing pillow in a timeless warm grey colour accentuated with lovely delicate texture and organic-looking frayed edges). This is the prop bundle you’ll want to use in every single newborn photo session.

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Baby Prop Bundle for Photo Session – Griffin/Molly.

Reasons You’ll Love This Baby Prop Bundle for Photo Session

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  • Carefully and lovingly handpicked infant photography props to save your precious time.
  • Ensures your newborn photography setup is flawless in every beautiful newborn picture you take.
  • Grab this newborn baby prop bundle and save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually!
  • only.

Get Out Even More of This Baby Photography Prop Set

  • This newborn baby props bundle is combined to help you get the most variety in your gallery. Use the whole set for one newborn baby pose, then take off the knitted hat for the other pose. Afterwards, use one side of the fabric to cover the baby to achieve a completely different setup. Finally, pose a naked newborn baby on the backdrop.
  • This newborn baby photography props set is gender-neutral. Use it for a new born baby girl or a new born baby boy photoshoot.
  • Neutral colour. You can easily coordinate these newborn photography props in neutral shades with other props not only in shades of the same colour. Neutral shades perfectly coordinate every other colour you love to use in your newborn photoshoot.
  • Use them separately. Use these baby photo props together or exclude them. Create your own adorable photography setups coordinating other props and bulk up the enchanting harmonious newborn photo gallery. And don’t forget to show us #allnewbornprops!
  • Use an additional prop – add our unique poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ for a splendid newborn girl or boy photo prop setup.

3-piece coordinating newborn photography props




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