Bradyn/Kelsey Collection

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Had you ever have a hard time to discover if the newborn photography props suit with each other? You’ve found the right place! At All Newborn Props, we pride ourselves on quality, service and workmanship. Here our goal is to provide you Collections – matching props that are enduring and classy so you could feel confident throughout your newborn photo session. Even though you are a novice your setups will definitely transform into wonderfully styled newborn photographs.

All props needed for this particular setup are listed below.


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Bradyn Posing Fabric

One of our favourites (and soon to be yours): This jersey knit fabric backdrop is crafted from supersoft, drapey fabric, making it an essential to stock up for your newborn photography studio wardrobe (and use always).
  • Beautiful delicate knit 4-way stretch posing fabric.
  • Perfect for creating a smooth backdrop for newborn photography using a beanbag or a stand.
  • Edges are left unfinished.

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Kelsey Posing Pillow

Decorative mini posing pillow perfect to add finished touch to your photograph. Features a delicate lace trim. This pillow is designed to be easy to care for - it can be washed in washing machine but stuffing will not deform. A must have prop to any newborn photographer's props collection! Note: the other side of the pillow has no lace so could be used for boys session.

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Molly Wrap

Seriously soft and super stretchy (trust us, we tested it out), it's your new must-have wrap for all the poses you do during your session — the all wrapped up, froggy, post froggy, sleepy baby pose, potato sack, laying in a prop, sibling poses, family poses...
  • Wrap is cut to size and edges are left unfinished for organic and seamless wrapping.
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Mini Bear | Sewn

A cute bear version of our use-everywhere-match-everything softie, that's juuuuuuust the right size for your newborn girls and newborn boys photographs.


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  • More colours

    Newborn Photo Prop – Romper Kendall

     47.00 excl. VAT

    Favourite, perfect, best ever — our use-every-photo-session newborn romper to get all kinds of compliments from your clients.

    • This stretchy and supersoft baby romper is a year-rounder.
    • With a button on the back to make it easy to dress and to take those adorable from-the-back newborn pictures.
    • In the images romper in cream paired with Maya Tieback and Matthew Bonnet.
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    Fletcher Bonnet

     25.00 excl. VAT

    It’s simply a fundamental bonnet, and still, it’s much better than just that. This is the beautiful newborn photography prop with an excellent balance of texture and colour. The pattern is an incredibly adorable and looks perfect with Fletcher ‘Create-a-Nest’™.

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    Newborn Photo Prop – Wrap Molly

     11.00 excl. VAT

    Seriously soft and super stretchy (trust us, we tested it out), it’s your new must-have wrap for all the poses you do during your session — the all wrapped up, froggy, post froggy, sleepy baby pose, potato sack, laying in a prop, sibling poses, family poses…

    • Wrap is cut to size and edges are left unfinished for organic and seamless wrapping.
  • Insert for The Newborn Poser – ‘Create-a-Nest’™

     17.00 excl. VAT

    This insert turns our unique ‘Create-a-Nest’™ posing ring into a pouf and makes this prop extremely versatile.

    ‘Create-a-Nest’™ have become a staple prop for many newborn photographers and the pouf can be used for sitter sessions.

    If you’ve purchased our ‘Create-a-Nest’™ posing ring you need to buy an insert only to make it a pouf! All covers fit both – a posing ring and a pouf.

    Note: never leave the child unattended. Sitters are still not able to maintain a balance, so they can fall off the pouf. Always have a spotter near the child.

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    Newborn Poser – Fletcher ‘Create-a-Nest’™

     88.00 137.00 excl. VAT

    An amazing beautiful posing pillow to create delightful newborn photographs. For the reason that attention to detail goes into every single thing here at All Newborn Props, a significant amount of time was needed to create and design this unique posing pillow.

    This unique ‘Create-a-Nest’™ – perfect accessory for every set up in your newborn photography studio – leads to breathtaking photographs. This posing aid is designed to be easy to use for every stage newborn photographer and it’s completely safe for a newborn.

    What goes into our brand-new unique ‘Create-a-Nest’™? Here it is by the numbers:

    • contains 2 pieces: posing cushion and cover. Posing cushion is pre-filled till perfection and it’s ready to use straight after you receive it. ‘Create-a-Nest’™ cover can be changed easily so you can use more than one cover during your session.
    • 0 unnecessary shadows on your photographs: cover fits perfectly our ‘Create-a-Nest’™ posing cushion and it makes as few wrinkles as possible to create amazing photographs for your clients and minimize your editing time.
    • 100 different images with just one pose: countless angles to photograph and create images your clients will rave about: from the top, from the side, zooming in and out. Just use your imagination.
    • 1 prop to take with you when travelling: this prop is ideal for travelling photographers – small, light and has additional covers for a different texture and colour palette.
    • 1 prop to pose baby on when taking an image for digital composition.
    • 2: the number of babies can fit in. ‘Create-a-Nest’™ can also fit two small newborn babies for cosy twin poses.
    • 6 months creating it: because attention to detail goes into every item here. The organic and smooth form of the ‘Create-a-Nest’™ is the result of its well-defined pattern, that will certainly show in each detail of your photograph. To prove it, we dare show our ‘Create-a-Nest’™ without any covers.
    • How often you’ll use it? 500 gazillion times – it will be your favourite prop.

    Posing cushion is easy to care for: Warm gentle machine wash and fluff back up into shape to dry or even tumble dry (NOT cover!).

    On top of all this awesomeness ‘Create-a-Nest’™ can be used as a pouf for older babies – just use the Insert (can be purchased here).

    This wonderful cover is knitted by hand. We are in love with its delicate texture! It is ideal to pair with completely all the jersey wraps and various other props. This special pattern is great for the photographer who desires to own spectacular timeless newborn photography prop.

    Find out more about ‘Create-a-Nest’™ click here.

    Perfectly matches Fletcher Bonnet.