Newborn Backdrop Fabric Peter

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This cream thin knit stretch posing fabric has delicate texture. Use it solo for naked shoots or pair it with a coarser textured wrap.

  • Perfect for creating a smooth backdrop for newborn photography using a beanbag.
  • It is recommended that a second backdrop, of the same colour or another desired colour, be used under this backdrop as it is see-through/sheer in some areas. This layering technique can result in an artistic look and, will emphasize the texture and quality of the backdrop.
  • Edges are left unfinished.

Size: approximately 120 x 170 cm.

Care: gently hand wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry.

Availability: ***Ready-made product.***

Note: some fraying may occur.

Images courtesy of Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers.


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