Newborn Photo Props Bundle – Gideon/Steve Collection

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The first picture features:

  • Gideon Vessel in white;
  • Steve Wrap in cream large;
  • Steve Bonnet in cream.

Choose whatever colour you like and create your own unique newborn photo props bundle to save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these props individually.

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-10% ~ Gideon Vessel

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Unique handmade vessel – fabulous original masterpiece created by co-founder Lina and can be found here and only here. It's a real multitasker that can be used during baby boy or baby girl photography session. Plus, yay, it is totally perfect for twins! Rich texture, neutral colours — this is the keep-forever vessel you've been searching for. Note:
  • It is not as strong as a wooden vessel. However, it is strong enough to keep its own shape even when the baby is in it as you can see in the pictures.
  • Even though it is fairly strong, you would need to take a bit more care of it than you would of a wooden vessel.
  • Each one is unique and made by hand one at a time and will vary slightly in their own unique qualities as far as colour and shape.
  • By purchasing you are agreeing to accept slight variation in colour, size and texture due to the handmade process.

-10% ~ Steve Wrap

 58.90  53.01
Our perfect every-session wrap with all the things we love: a vintage looking stitch, beautiful colours and two sizes to choose from. Use it solo for wrapping, pair with a bonnet (it can even sub in for a blanket).

-10% ~ Steve Bonnet

 24.90  22.41
Our perfect every-session bonnet with all the things we love: a vintage looking stitch, beautiful colours and perfect length twisted ties. Use it solo or pair with a wrap.

Newborn Photo Props Bundle – Gideon/Steve Collection.

Reasons You’ll Love This Newborn Photo Props Bundle


    Stand Out from the Crowd
  • SAVE

    Your Time and Money

    Newborn Photo Prop Setup

    Relax & Feel Confident


  • 3-piece coordinating newborn studio photography props set:
    • Unique hand-made basket for newborn photography created by special technology.
    • Soft and stretchy textured newborn wrap.
    • Knitted textured newborn bonnet.
  • Carefully and lovingly handpicked newborn photo props to save your precious time.
  • Ensures your newborn photography setup is flawless in every beautiful newborn picture you take.
  • only.
  • Availability: ***Pre-order product.*** Please check the General Information & Production Time section for current production time.

Get Out Even More of This Newborn Photo Props Bundle

  • Our unique basket for newborn photography – Gideon Vessel – is a gender-neutral prop. It’s a perfect bowl for a new born baby boy, baby girl or even twin photoshoot.
  • Choose your colour. This newborn photo props bundle is one of those rare sets where you can choose your loved colours.
  • Use them separately. Use these newborn photo props together or exclude them. Create your own adorable photography setups coordinating other props and bulk up the enchanting harmonious newborn photo gallery.
  • Use them differently. Wrap a baby with our Steve Wrap as pictured in 1-2 pictures or use it as a layering piece. Only by using a wrap for the other purpose – as a layer to cover your bowl stuffer (as pictured in the 3-7 pictures) or even to cover a baby, you can achieve a completely different look.
  • Use additional prop – dainty newborn headband or a super cute toy – for a splendid newborn girl photo prop setup.

Resources for Your Next Perfect Newborn Photoshoot

  • Props for Newborn Photography: 7 Essential, Beginner-Friendly and Safe >> click here.
  • Newborn Photography Baskets: Unique Props for Jaw-Dropping Pictures (Q&A) >> click here.

Pictures courtesy of Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers.


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