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Free ebook newborn photography posing

I got your wonderful ebook plenty of superb photos and newborn poses;
I am really happy with it.
It gives me plenty of inspiration that I can use during my photo shoots and I’m really looking forward to receiving my order.

Rita Szenczy

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Why read?

Every photographer understands the great significance that light plays in photography, but none would argue that colour scheme is less important. The colour is generally the first thing that will catch the viewer’s eye.
The colour scheme creates a unity of the elements in your photograph.
The ability to create and use best colour combinations leads to chic, classy, clean and timeless photographs.

Read this eBook if you want to:

  • Know valuable information on how to choose the appropriate colours for your props to create celestial and timeless newborn photographs.
  • Be inspired by amazing newborn photography artwork to learn from, be able to adapt the prop selection technique and adapt them to your own colour schemes.
  • Master how to prepare setups for your newborn sessions so much more pleasurable.
  • Develop the skill of creating the most elegant newborn photographs with neutrals.
  • Understand colour choosing tips and concepts.

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