Perfectly coordinated newborn photography props – a perfect start to a stunning newborn picture. That’s the idea behind our matching bundles, all designed to help you create outstanding newborn baby photography set up, by helping you make it easier. And by giving you the confidence to create the photo setup you’ve always wanted in your newborn photo session. Browse through our matching newborn photography prop sets and find a new staple for your photo studio wardrobe rotation. Our newborn photography prop sets are a customer favourite. They are both timeless and captivating. We have a photo prop bundle to fit every newborn photoshoot style – one of our different styles and patterns are bound to grab your attention.

  • Baby Boy Photography Prop Bundle – Donna/Taja (Baby Blue)

    From  139.14
  • Baby Boy Props for Photography – Joseph/Floyd Set

    From  231.42
  • Baby Girl Photo Prop Bundle – Donna/Molly (Purple)

    From  116.73
  • Baby Girl Photo Props Set – Molly/Fernanda Bundle

    From  70.83
  • Baby Girl Photography Prop Set – Donna/Molly (Blush)

    From  111.33
  • Baby Girl Photography Props – Skyla/Harrison Bundle

    From  84.33
  • Baby Girl Posing Props – Donna/Josephine Set

    From  126.54
  • Baby Newborn Props Set – Skyla/Nina

    From  59.13
  • Baby Photo Props Bundle – Miraji/Calista

    From  85.56
  • Baby Photo Props Bundle – Ulises/Sophie

    From  105.75
  • Baby Photo Props Set – Ralph/Molly (Cream)

    From  101.52
  • Baby Photo Shoot Accessories – Harriet/Demetri Set

    From  168.93
  • Baby Photography Accessories – Harriet/Floyd Set

    From  129.30
  • Baby Photography Prop Bundle – Donna/Molly (Dusty Pink)

    From  111.33


  • Baby Photography Props Bundle – Molly/Marissa: Blush Edition

    From  79.83
  • Baby Photoshoot Props – Travon/Justine Bundle: Dusty Pink Edition

    From  95.04