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  • Newborn Girl Photo Props Set – Molly/Carissa

    From  76.05

    Add a bit of romance to your session with this beautiful newborn girl photography props set. The statement newborn girl pillow created from textured fabric. The bean bag drop and coordinated wrap are delicate and soft too, with a stretch for easy use. The charming tieback, as well as the tiny heart, adds a finishing touch, making it the perfect use-all-the-time newborn girl set.

  • Newborn Photo Props Bundle – Avery Collection

    From  14.35

    Vintage-inspired with traditional Christmas colours and patterns – everything that a festive season session should be.

    Meet the most elegant and extra versatile bundle of matching newborn photography props.

    It makes us jump out of excitement! You don’t have to own props that are suitable exclusively for the festive season only and leave them up in a napkin until next year.

    This bundle is the answer to the all-year-round newborn prop dilemma. Use the props together or individually for even more variety in your galleries. See the ideas below!

    • Reverse the romper and you have a beautiful vintage-y romper for a newborn boy. Complete the set up with a white backdrop and decorative posing pillow for a regular session (see the image).
    • Splendid white headband tieback can be perfectly used with a backdrop or ‘Create-a-Nest’™ in white.
    • The poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ in olive green is an ideal prop to coordinate with a Monstera leaf, succulents or whatever greenery you have.

    And on top of all this awesomeness, you have the chance to get this bundle at a special price with 50% OFF and grab an exclusive bonus!


    Christmas Card PSD Templates – 7 different designs!

    Create cards for your clients easy as 1-2-3 – just insert your created images!


    SAVE 30% on ‘Create-a-Nest’™**

    **when ordering with the Bundle, in this design and olive green colour only.

    The Best Newborn Poser

    • Unique newborn posing aid.
    • Beginner friendly.
    • Extra versatile.

    !Important! You need to tick the box if you want to purchase the poser. It’s an additional item to the bundle.

    Note: additional props – bonnet, layer and other decorations – are for display purposes only. They are not included in this bundle.

    This is your beloved investment collection!

    Availability: ***Ready-made product.***


  • Sitter Photo Prop Bundle – Outfit Set Avery

    From  39.25

    Meet the most elegant and versatile sitter photography props outfit set.

    Our passion to create photography props that are extremely versatile pushed us to create this set where props by removing, changing or adding accessories just in seconds give you endless imagination for your all year round sitter photography sessions.

    Because why spend money and clutter your studio with items you rarely use?

  • Baby Photography Hats – Travon

     17.90 excl. VAT
    PepperberryGreyRevel blueSand

    With their frayed front and extra-long ties, these baby photography hats are your new studio wardrobe hero. Made from stretchy textured fabric this vintage-inspired style comes in four colours and is versatile enough for both boys and girls.

  • Baby Boy Photography Prop Bundle – Donna/Bobbee

    From  138.33

    At first glance, it’s a simple baby boy photography prop setup. But look closer – the newborn poser and lovely sleepers, all knitted in soft luxurious yarn, combine to create a magnificent setup. Add in a super cute mini bear and you’ll never want to put it aside.

  • Newborn Photo Props Bundle – Gideon/Stars Set

    From  144.63

    Thoughtful coordinating makes this newborn photo prop bundle all the more perfect. Every prop can be used separately to achieve a completely different setup. Just don’t blame us if you want to use them in every photo session.

  • Fabric for Baby Photography – Rachel

     21.90 24.90 excl. VAT

    This fabric for baby photography is destined to be your go-to choice for every newborn girl or newborn boy photography session from now on. The knitted jersey fabric has stretch for easy usage with a bean bag or a stand.

  • Newborn Wraps for Photographers – Rachel

     12.90 13.90 excl. VAT

    You know the newborn wrap for photographers that becomes The Wrap? We think this is it. Classic jersey stitch combines with a soft lightweight yarn to create a newborn photography studio wardrobe staple.

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