Sometimes you’re looking for a new newborn wrap. Other times, some newborn photography outfit do the trick. Most of the times you need new photography prop for a newborn session right away. Whatever your needs, this department carries photography props for newborns and toddlers that are ready-made. At All Newborn Props, we offer premium-quality unique photo props for newborns and toddlers that will help you create a stunning setup for a girl or boy session. Choose accessories for your photography studio wardrobe from our ready-made prop collections, which includes newborn posers, bean bag fabric backdrops, bowls, hats and bonnets, mini pillows, headbands and toys.

  • Baby Bean Bag Poser – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Ulises

     76.90 125.90 excl. VAT

    The pretty pattern gives this baby bean bag poser a look-amazing finish.

    • Ulises cover is analogue to Hudson cover, only knitted from different wool yarn.
    • The yarn might be itchy for delicate newborn skin – naked shoots are not recommended.
  • Baby Boy Photography Prop Bundle – Donna/Taja (Baby Blue)

    From  139.14
  • Baby Boy Props for Photography – Joseph/Floyd Set

    From  231.42
  • Baby Girl Newborn Outfits for Pictures – Overalls & Bonnet Set Lila

     38.90  27.23 excl. VAT

    This baby girl newborn outfit for pictures is an eye-catcher. Dainty floral pattern adds a subtle touch of colour to your newborn girl photo prop setup. We’ve crafted it from stretch merino wool knitted fabric and oh-so-soft jersey that’s rich in cotton.

  • Baby Girl Newborn Picture Outfits – Romper Benedicta

     39.90 excl. VAT

    The intricate contrast embroidery on front and across the neckline of these baby girl newborn picture outfits is ever-so-detailed. This praiseworthy romper is made from a knitted cotton jersey that’s soft to the newborn girl skin and has elastic waist and ties around the neck for a flattering fit.

  • Baby Girl Photo Prop Bundle – Donna/Molly (Purple)

    From  116.73
  • Baby Girl Photo Props Set – Molly/Fernanda Bundle

    From  70.83
  • Baby Girl Photography Prop Set – Donna/Molly (Blush)

    From  111.33
  • Baby Girl Photography Props – Skyla/Harrison Bundle

    From  84.33
  • Baby Girl Posing Props – Donna/Josephine Set

    From  126.54
  • Baby Girl Props for Photos – Cute Headband Hannah

     10.90 excl. VAT
  • Baby Newborn Props Set – Skyla/Nina

    From  59.13
  • Baby Photo Props Bundle – Ulises/Sophie

    From  105.75
  • Baby Photo Shoot Accessories – Harriet/Demetri Set

    From  168.93
  • Baby Photography Accessories – Harriet/Floyd Set

    From  129.30