• Newborn Beanbag Poser – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Harriet

     76.90 125.90 excl. VAT

    We updated the colour palette of our signature newborn beanbag poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ with more colourful covers (think the perfect baby photo prop created to inspire you for more colourful newborn setups). The result? A very versatile newborn beanbag poser that amazingly blurs the newborn girl/newborn boy line.

  • Baby Tie Back Headband – Eden

     9.90 excl. VAT

    Looking for an every-photo-session headband with a pop of colour? This is the one. Delicate hand-made fabric flower + fluffy mohair ties = this dreamy baby tie back headband.

  • Newborn Baby Girl Photo Outfits – Romper Dalice

     41.90 excl. VAT

    What’s better than a newborn girl photo outfits that are impressive and easy to dress? Nope, we can’t think of anything either. These got admirable lace collar, chic lace trim detailing around leg openings and are made from soft cotton that’s perfect for newborn skin. Yep, definitely nothing better.

  • Newborn Photography Poser – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Donna

     87.90 136.90 excl. VAT

    One for your newborn photo studio inventory, this newborn photography poser is so versatile in a plain pattern that can go minimal or fancy-ish (and an update to our best-selling newborn photography poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™).

  • Newborn Posing Bag – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Hudson

     87.90 136.90 excl. VAT

    Looking for a newborn photography prop that works as hard as you do? This newborn posing bag has astounding texture and can handle a newborn boy photoshoot as well as a newborn girl one.

  • Baby Bean Bag Poser – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Ulises

     76.90 125.90 excl. VAT

    The pretty pattern gives this baby bean bag poser a look-amazing finish.

    • Ulises cover is analogue to Hudson cover, only knitted from different wool yarn.
    • The yarn might be itchy for delicate newborn skin – naked shoots are not recommended.
  • Posing Ring for Newborn – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Ralph

     87.90 136.90 excl. VAT

    Newborn boy photo session? Yep. Newborn girl photo session? No problem. New born twin photoshoot? Easy. This textured posing ring for newborn photography is the next big thing in your photo studio wardrobe.

  • Baby Poser for Photography – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Fletcher

     87.90 136.90 excl. VAT

    We are in love with this delicately textured baby poser for photography! It is ideal to pair with completely all the jersey wraps and various other props. This special pattern is great for the photographer who desires to own spectacular timeless baby poser for photography.

  • Jersey Fabric Newborn Wraps – Molly

     10.90 15.90 excl. VAT

    Seriously soft and super stretchy (trust us, we tested it out), it’s your new must-have wrap for all the poses you do during your session — the all wrapped up, froggy, post froggy, sleepy baby pose, potato sack, laying in a prop, sibling poses, family poses…

  • Newborn Bean Bag Poser – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Alexis

     136.90  123.21 excl. VAT

    Just in case you needed another reason to fall in love with vintage style, we designed this admirable newborn bean bag poser.

    Note: The yarn of this cover might be a little itchy for delicate newborn skin – naked shoots are not recommended.

  • Posing Pillow – Newborn Prop ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Joel

     87.90- 136.90  61.53- 95.83 excl. VAT

    This cover for our posing pillow – newborn photography prop – is knitted in a special pattern that creates an ever-so-flattering shape of the poser. It looks smooth and amazingly comfortable.

  • Wrap for Newborn Photos – Cooper

     37.90 38.90 excl. VAT

    Refresh your studio wardrobe with an admirable knitted wrap for newborn photos – this one’s classic pattern and a little bit fluffy yarn make it a perfect match for a bonnet, backdrop, poser or vessel.

  • Newborn Prop Pillow – Ezra

     23.90 excl. VAT

    Decorative mini posing pillow perfect to add finished touch to your photograph.

    This pillow is designed to be easy to care for – it can be washed in washing machine but stuffing will not deform.

    A must have prop to any newborn photographer’s props collection!

    Note: the other side of the pillow is made from different matching fabric.

  • Thin Newborn Photography Headband – Rebecca

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Close your eyes and think of outstanding thin newborn photography headband. Now open them – and you’ll see this newborn girl photography prop. The fluffy mohair blend yarn ties bring a feeling of affection and a ruffled two-colour detail makes this headband for girl photoshoot worthy of admiration

  • Baby Girl Newborn Picture Outfits – Romper Benedicta

     39.90 excl. VAT

    The intricate contrast embroidery on front and across the neckline of these baby girl newborn picture outfits is ever-so-detailed. This praiseworthy romper is made from a knitted cotton jersey that’s soft to the newborn girl skin and has elastic waist and ties around the neck for a flattering fit.

  • Studio Photography Props Set – Gideon/Cooper

    From  124.02

    Minimal and elegant at once, this newborn prop set is a must-have for all your photography session to come.

    Buy this newborn photography props bundle to save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually.

  • Baby Photography Fabric for Bean Bag – Scott

     29.90 excl. VAT

    Newborn girl photography prop setup, newborn boy photography prop setup, twin photography prop setup, even toddler: you’ve met your multi-tasking newborn baby photography fabric for bean bag.

  • Knit Textured Wrap – Travon

     14.90 excl. VAT

    Truly a beautiful piece of soft fabric every photography prop wardrobe deserves. The style of the knit textured wrap for newborn photoshoot is best described as ‘picture-perfect’! The only problem is that it comes in two colours! Well, just need to grab both!

  • Basket for Newborn Photography – Mandy Vessel

     98.90 excl. VAT

    Not only a newborn posing bowl – but not quite a basket for newborn photography – this prop surely deserve its own word. Combining the best of both worlds, this newborn posing basket got a unique design, elegant shape and neutral colours. Now, will it be white or grey?

  • Baby Girl Props for Photos – Cute Headband Hannah

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Classy hand beaded headband tieback made of airy chiffon with a tiny rose. A must-have newborn girl tieback.

  • Dainty Newborn Baby Headband Tieback – Grace

     10.90 excl. VAT

    With intricately woven strips, this striking dainty newborn baby headband will adorn your girl photography prop setup. It’s got gleaming tiny beads that lend an endearing edge, with a tie-back fastening for comfort. Fabulous blush and cream colour combo will be every-photo-session staples.

  • Simple Headband Tieback for Pictures – Bethany

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Natural style hand beaded headband tieback with tiny pearls.

  • Newborn Posing Beanbag Alternative – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Miraji

     53.90 102.90 excl. VAT

    Looking for the best newborn posing beanbag alternative for your photoshoot? The search is over. Beauty and function come together effortlessly in this statement newborn posing prop.

    • Note: The yarn of this cover might be a little itchy for delicate newborn skin – naked shoots are not recommended.
  • Photography Props for Baby – Ulises/Teagan Set

    From  119.34
  • Newborn Props Matching Set – Miraji/Bryan Bundle

    From  123.93
  • Newborn Photography Outfits – Romper Set Novell (Reversible)

     76.90  23.07 excl. VAT
  • Thin Baby Headband Photography Prop – Sophie

     10.90 excl. VAT
  • Newborn Photography Headband – Yuliana

     10.90 excl. VAT

    This beautiful newborn photography headband is crafted from a piece of vintage lace combined with admirable ruffles has a breathtaking design. Teeny-tiny thrilling beads give it an elegant finish.

  • Newborn Photography Basket – Gideon Vessel

     98.90 excl. VAT

    Think of this newborn photography basket as a super-easy way to add some texture—and uniqueness—to your adorable photo prop setup. Unique newborn posing basket perfect for coordinating with… well, just about any photo prop.

  • Baby Posing Prop – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Harrison

     87.90 136.90 excl. VAT

    This fabulous cover for our unique baby posing prop ‘Create-a-Nest’™ is knitted by hand in an elegant lace pattern for standout style.

    • Perfectly matches Harrison Bonnet.
    • Please note: this cover is see-through/sheer in some areas.
  • Bow Baby Girl Headband Photography Prop – Sandy

     10.90 excl. VAT
  • Newborn Photo Outfit – Knitted Romper Kendall

     46.90 excl. VAT

    Favourite, perfect, best ever — our use-every-photography-session newborn photo outfit knitted to get all kinds of compliments from your clients. This stretchy newborn photo outfit knitted from super soft yarn is a year-rounder.

  • Newborn Girl Photo Outfit – Romper Enore

     39.90 excl. VAT

    Newborn girl photography session and our lace neckline outfit – talk about a match made in heaven. It’s crafted from soft stretchy jersey and features pretty trim detailing around leg openings. Coordinate lovely headband and glorious decorative posing pillow for effortless newborn girl prop setup chic.

  • Newborn Posing Bowl – Joseph Vessel | Less Than Perfect

     98.90  69.23 excl. VAT

    Newborn posing bowls that are considered as ~Less Than Perfect~ contains discolouration inside the bowl. The discolouration will vary from bowl to bowl. Please see the last image of what yours may look like.

    Due to the nature of the goods, no returns or exchanges are accepted.

  • Insert for The Newborn Posers – ‘Create-a-Nest’™

     16.90 excl. VAT
  • Newborn Photography Basket Prop – Joseph Vessel

     98.90 excl. VAT

    Hmmm, now what makes the perfect newborn photography basket prop? Unique mind-blowing design, for a starter. And a sophisticated shape, of course. Then there’s the right size for a newborn bowl prop to make sure your setup would be proportionate. Choose between white and raw-cotton colours.

  • White Lace Newborn Headband – Maya

     10.90 excl. VAT

    This headband is 100% white and 1000% chic. And is ideal for balancing the newborn girl photo prop setup for those all-white sessions. Pair this white lace newborn headband with wrap, poser or photo outfit. Will look superb! Seriously, EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

  • Thin Headband Tie Back – Calista

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Your new thin headband tie back has all kinds of mind-blowing details: a detail from knitted fabric, ruffles, a retro wooden bead. All the pretty you’ve been craving in neutral sand colour.

  • Beaded Newborn Headband Tieback – Alma

     10.90 excl. VAT

    This beaded newborn headband tieback is about to become your go-to prop, so it’s a good job it comes in a neutral colour. Featuring a frayed band, the ruffle detailing hand-beaded with teeny-tiny beads elevates it to admirable new heights.

  • White Newborn Photography Headband – Francisca

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Crafted from oh-so-charming lace, this timeless white newborn photography headband makes a refined addition to your girl photo prop collection. Featuring hand-beaded teeny beads and artificial pearl with an itty-bitty rose, this headband for girl photoshoot work perfectly for those all-white photo prop setups.

  • Thin Headband Tieback for Photography – Ivanna

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Grab this thin headband tieback for photography and you’ll be hooked. Why? Because we’re not exaggerating when we say it combines all praiseworthy details. Complete with textured tiny detail and ties made from the soft buckle yarn, this headband has it all.

  • New Born Baby Headband – Josephine

     10.90 excl. VAT

    We’ve created the perfect new born baby headband for photography: this tiny tieback headpiece. It has elegant chiffon detail at the front, embellished with teeny tiny beads. This colourful design coordinates three setups in white, grey or pale lilac.

  • Newborn Outfit for Photography – Romper (Reversible), Bonnet & Headband Set Olivia

     44.90 excl. VAT

    Loveable knitted fabric and frayed detail on the front of the boyish side and beaded trim on the girlish side give this newborn outfit for photography super-attractive status. Newborn girl photo session? Newborn boy photo session? There’s nothing this versatile newborn outfit for photography set can’t face.

  • Newborn Photo Outfit – Romper Martin

     29.90 excl. VAT

    In the mood for vintage and some serious detail? With its lovely knitted fabric and intricate frayed detail on the front, this newborn photo outfit will take your photography prop setup from ordinary straight through to extraordinary.

  • Newborn Outfit for Photoshoot – Overalls Susan

     39.90 excl. VAT

    This impressive newborn outfit for photoshoot is your secret weapon. Its textured knitted bib is offset by a jersey bottom. Those ties from tulle at the neck? They’re designed or a customised fit and just happened to be an eye-catching detail.

  • Baby Photo Prop Girl Set – Benedicta/Rebecca Bundle

    From  67.23

    Grab this beautiful and timeless newborn photography prop girl bundle and save 10%!

  • Newborn Headband Tieback – Rachel

     10.90 excl. VAT
  • Newborn Baby Posing Pillow Krystal

     23.90 excl. VAT

    Decorative mini posing pillow from delicate lace with ruffled lace edge in cream perfect to add finished touch to your photograph.

    This pillow is designed to be easy to care for – it can be washed in washing machine but stuffing will not deform.

    A must have prop to any newborn photographer’s props collection!

    Note: the other side of the pillow is made from different matching fabric.

  • Newborn Photography Bow Headband – Ellie

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Natural style newborn photography bow headband tieback from delicate lace.

    Perfectly matches Selina Romper.

  • Newborn Photography Clothing – Romper Frances

     39.90 excl. VAT

    This timeless newborn photography clothing piece features admirable lace bib. There’s matching newborn girl photography headband. And – before we forget – it’s made from super soft stretch cotton fabric.

  • Newborn Lace Outfit – Bib Overalls Hannah

     41.90 excl. VAT

    Looking for an every-session outfit with a difference? Try this supersoft newborn overalls design with a gorgeous lace bib. It has strings over the neck that lets you adjust this newborn lace outfit to get the perfect size for every new born baby girl.

  • Baby Girl Newborn Outfits for Pictures – Overalls & Bonnet Set Lila

     38.90  27.23 excl. VAT

    This baby girl newborn outfit for pictures is an eye-catcher. Dainty floral pattern adds a subtle touch of colour to your newborn girl photo prop setup. We’ve crafted it from stretch merino wool knitted fabric and oh-so-soft jersey that’s rich in cotton.

  • Newborn Outfits – Photography Prop Romper Sandy (Reversible)

     46.90 excl. VAT

    Have it both ways with our two-in-one newborn photography outfit in neutral white. This modern button-front boyish style reverses to charming girlish style with gorgeous lace ruffles finished with tiny hand-beaded artificial pearls.

  • Lace Newborn Romper for Girl – Valentina

     29.90 excl. VAT

    Take the guessing game out of what to use for your next girl photo session and reach for this statement lace newborn romper. Crafted from knitted lace fabric, finished with eye-catching ruffles on sides. The extra-long ties in matching fabric (perfect for that mind-blowing bow) completes the look.

  • Newborn Photography Outfits for Girl – Lace Dress & Bloomers Set Ulla

     39.90 excl. VAT

    That aesthetically pleasing embroidered lace. That semi-sheer dress. Those endearing bloomers from wrinkled fabric. This admirable newborn photography outfit set has been designed with outstanding details in mind – from the splendid laces to the charming bloomers.

  • Newborn Photography Outfit – Girl Lace Top & Diaper Cover Set Yuliana

     39.90 excl. VAT

    You can’t go wrong with romantic ruffles. So, we’ve popped them around the sleeves and bottom of the dress. This newborn girl photography outfit features admirable extra-long ties at the back – just perfect to make the cutest bow.

  • Photo Outfits for Newborns – Girl Set Fernanda

     39.90 excl. VAT

    The edge of the dress is hemmed with lovely lace trim and the lace seam at the front gives it gorgeousness. The bloomers are made from soft stretch fabric—plus the cutest bobbles? It’s safe to say…your search for the perfect photo outfit for newborn girl is over.

  • Newborn Outfits for Pictures – Girl Open Back Romper Zuri

     39.90 excl. VAT

    The top of this outfit is made of stunning lace. Romper has ruffled sleeves perfectly coordinated with ruffles on the back for a remarkable finish. And did we mentioned an undeniably pretty back detail—an open back with artificial pearl button for those adorable from-the-back newborn pictures.

  • Newborn Photography Outfit Girl – Knitted Lace Romper Justine

     47.90 excl. VAT

    The mohair blend yarn of our Justine newborn girl photography outfit transforms it from basic to anything but. Finished with details like subtle pearl buttons, knitted in pretty lace pattern, it works just as well paired with a cute headband as it does with a gorgeous bonnet.

  • Newborn Photo Outfits – Girl Knitted Romper Marissa

     49.90 excl. VAT

    Knitted in a charming fine pattern, this use-every-session newborn girl photography outfit has the cutest bows on the toes. Time to give your other newborn girl photo outfits talk about jealousy—because this one is about to get all the attention.

  • Newborn Photoshoot Outfit – Hooded Romper Owen

     39.90 excl. VAT

    This vintage-inspired (look at those wooden buttons, artful ripped details) hooded newborn photoshoot outfit is the snuggliest way to keep warm a newborn boy during a photography session. Just be prepared for a fan club—this one’s too cosy not to keep.

  • Newborn Photoshoot Outfits – Knitted Romper Bobbee

     48.90 excl. VAT

    These newborn photoshoot outfits, knitted from soft wool blend yarn, are like a dream. Look perfect with your favourite newborn photography props: beanbag fabric backdrop, newborn wrap, bonnet, tieback, newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™…shall we go on?

  • Newborn Photography Headbands – Melody

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Ever wanted to collect a mind-blowing collection of newborn photography headbands? Piece of dainty lace makes this headband even more enchanting, while the texture of knitted fabric adds praiseworthy texture. Tiny sparkly beads make it even more impactful.

  • Newborn Posing Ring – ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Ursula

     76.90 125.90 excl. VAT

    For photo sessions when basics just won’t do, this cover for our newborn posing ring is made from the soft stretch cotton fabric with most beautiful floral pattern. Designed with those floral newborn girl photoshoots in mind. You will definitely fall in love with the floral details that aren’t overwhelming.

  • Flower Newborn Baby Headband – Ursula

     16.90 excl. VAT

    Made from soft stretch jersey, this flower newborn baby headband is ideal for those amazing floral photography sessions. Cute hand-made flowers, teeny-tiny beads and miniature leaves (of course!) make this headband newborn (or toddler) girl photoshoot winner.

  • Newborn Backdrop Fabric Peter

     52.90 excl. VAT
  • Pink Baby Headband Tieback – Valentina

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Put a little luxury into your newborn girl photo prop setup with this splendid pink baby headband tieback. The ruffled fabric provides an elegant detail, which goes perfectly with the real rose quartz beads and tiny artificial pearls.

  • Tieback Headband for Baby Girls Photography – Ulla

     10.90 excl. VAT

    This jaw-dropping tieback headband for baby girls looks admirable and elegant but is just as beautiful as your favourite newborn girl dress and bloomers set (yes, we created them for each other!).

  • Thin Pink Newborn Headband – Isadora

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Simple and sweet with appealing detail: this thin pink newborn headband is a photography studio wardrobe go-to. Its pale pink colour and minimal design make this prop ideal for every newborn girl photography session.

  • Simple Headband Tieback for Photoshoot – Katrina

     10.90 excl. VAT

    In pretty sage colour with hand-beaded ruffled frayed details, this newborn baby girl simple headband tieback for photoshoot is a total stunner.

  • Props for Newborn Girl Photography – Lace Bow Headband Zinnia

     7.90 excl. VAT

    This dainty bow newborn headband is the ideal prop for new born baby girl photoshoot. It’s made from pretty lace bow that’s striking yet elegant, and luxurious mohair-blend yarn to keep your setup enchanting.

  • Baby Girl Photo Prop Bundle – Donna/Molly (Purple)

    From  116.73
  • Newborn Photography Prop Headband – Cecilia

     10.90 excl. VAT

    This newborn photography prop headband is an easy-to-use classic that’ll suit all photoshoot setups thanks to its elegant lace bow. The pair-with-everything white colour makes it a newborn photo studio wardrobe staple and ties made from fluffy mohair-blend yarn for luxuriousness.

  • Thin Newborn Tieback Photography Prop – Zuri

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Pretty lace ruffles and teeny pearls make this thin tieback an instant newborn girl photography prop favourite. Frayed extra-long ties and gorgeous pastel colours score this tieback admirable points.

  • Baby Photography Prop Headband – Fernanda

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Cute and elegant this baby photography prop headband centres around charming lace bow. We’ve crafted this tie back headband from luxurious mohair-blend yarn, soft knit fabric with striking matching bobbles.

  • Flower Headband Newborn Prop – Wendy

     9.90 excl. VAT

    It’s the details that make this a spectacular flower headband newborn prop. There is the elegant hand-made fabric flower accentuated by the tiny artificial pearl. Then there is the dainty band – a fuzzy deluxe mohair-blend yarn. Lovely lace detail completes this ultra-cute newborn photography headband.

  • Newborn Headband Photography Prop – Roxana

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Is it the cutest bow tied from mohair-blend yarn that makes this newborn headband so eye-catching photography prop or the hand-beaded tiny beads all over the bow? Either way, this lovely newborn headband photography prop is a true head-turner.

  • Newborn Headband Photo Prop – Marissa

     14.90 excl. VAT

    An outstanding newborn headband photo prop which is perfect for new born AND toddler girls? We are in. The cutest little flowers from delicate lace hand-beaded with teeny artificial pearls on luxurious mohair-blend yarn create a beautiful headband.

  • Newborn Girl Photo Prop – Headband Bobbee

     10.90 excl. VAT

    A gorgeous headband tieback with the feel of a favourite newborn girl photo prop. This newborn baby girl headband ticks all the right boxes for adorable girl photography prop setup. Delicate ruffled organic-looking details? Yep. Soft fuzzy mohair-blend yarn? Absolutely. Teeny-tiny beads? Definitely.

  • Photo Props for Newborn Girl – Lace Headband Tali

     14.90 excl. VAT

    Chic and sweet – the most beautiful tie back headband of all photo props for a newborn girl photoshoot. This baby girl headband is based on our bestselling headpieces for new born girl photography.

  • Studio Photography Props Set – Mandy/Simeon

    From  119.52

    Buy this newborn studio photography props bundle to save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually.