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Newborn Photography Props: Tips on Creating Luxurious Monochromatic Setups Easily

Being able to match the colours of your newborn photography props is just as important as having knowledge of photography. Creating monochromatic newborn photography prop setups can be easy with a few of our tips and examples. Read on to learn how to match photo props in an admirable set.

Monochromatic newborn photography props setups are nothing but boring! But it is one of the easiest ways to elevate your newborn pictures to the next level. That’s why this strategy is so loved by leading newborn photographers. Their newborn pictures look so elegant and high-end because it all matches. Monochromatic newborn photography props setup flow nicely plus, this solution can literally save you all the time in the world. Just colour block your studio wardrobe, grab and go. This will be especially helpful when the newborn photo session goes in the wrong direction. And, as you must be aware, accidents are common in this kind of industry. So, simply grab another one newborn wrap in the same colour and your setup is saved. We might have just solved all your newborn photo props coordinating problems in one paragraph.

Pictures courtesy of Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers.

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Newborn photography props colour schemes can be of two types: monochromatic and polychromatic.

The monochromatic colour palette consists of one colour. So, the monochromatic newborn photography setup consists of one colour props. That means that you have to choose props of one colour that have different textures and/or similar shades of that colour for an overall tonal look. You will soon find that the way of combining single shade newborn photo props is a simpler, cleaner approach to photographing new born babies. Therefore, preparing for the newborn session will never be easier because you won’t have to worry if newborn photography props coordinate.

Monochromatic Prop Set Styling Tips

There’s something undeniably luxurious about a monochromatic newborn photo prop setup. Here are some styling tips to keep in mind when putting together a monochromatic newborn photo props setup.

Tip 1: Mix Textures in Monochromatic Newborn Photo Setup

Props for Newborn Girl – photography headbands Set Europe
Newborn Photography Headbands - Melody newbornprops eu
Textured newborn girl photography props for stunning pictures

Textures are everything in newborn photography setups.

We saw tons of monochromatic newborn pictures on social media and the Internet. Layering one colour family together creates an interesting dimension and allows you to play up different textures and accessories.

TIP: Use textured newborn photography props to create splendid pictures.

See how easy (and luxurious-looking) it is to pull off the single-hue newborn photo prop setup. We have combined newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™, wrap, headband and teddy bear all in matching shades of grey.

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Tip 2: Achieve Balance

newborn photography props boy
newborn photography props tips for boy photoshoot
Baby Posing Prop - 'Create-a-Nest'™ Harrison newborn prop shop eu
Subtle newborn photo props don’t distract from the baby

Pictures courtesy of Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers.

Balance is the key when combining newborn photography props. This rule should always be followed, not just single-colour setups. You don’t want the colour to overwhelm the new born baby. On the contrary, you want to highlight the newborn in the picture. To achieve this, we recommend using simple newborn photography props so they don’t distract from the baby. Play with textured blankets or bowls, add subtle accessories like a headband or a hat/bonnet.

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Tip 3: Select the Right Monochromatic Colours

The important thing is to find out what colour schemes work for you. Here you have two options:

  • match every photography prop together with precision, or
  • mix and match noticeably different within of a colour family.

Monochromatic Newborn Photography Prop Sets

To help you plan your next adorable monochromatic newborn photography setup, we curated 25 of our favourite sets for new born baby photoshoot worth copying ASAP.

Be inspired with these 4 colour schemes just perfect for newborn photography.

1. Shades of White in Newborn Photography

Newborn photography props wraps posing fabric white boy
props for  photographing babies bonnet wrap posing fabric white
newborn photography props wraps bean bag fabric backdrop white
Photo props in white are perfect for photographing newborns

Pictures courtesy of Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers.

Enjoy the freedom of creating your own newborn photography style using white. White colour creates a refreshing and clean look in your newborn pictures. This colour also associates with innocence, purity, simplicity, openness and new beginnings.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have newborn photo props in the exact same shade to make this look work. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try adding a contrasting pop of colour in your teeny tiny accessory.

Pay attention to the teddy bear scarf in our picture collage. The scarf is not white but does not fall out of context. On the contrary, it makes the newborn picture interesting – the viewer’s eye has where to stop.

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A palette of greys pulled together will make an instantly elegant newborn baby picture. Use the right amount of photo props in perfectly matching shades for contemporary and sophisticated artwork.

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3. Props in Shades of Brown for Newborn Photoshoot

Get creative and add some fun to your newborn photo gallery! Soft shades like sand, caramel, tan or mulch can add warmth to an image and create wonderful dreamy artwork.

props for photographing babies eu
Newborn Baby Props Girl and Boy Set – Donna/Molly (Mulch) EU
Props in shades of brown for newborn photoshoot
props for photographing newborns eu
New born Baby Props - Girl Set Donna/Khloe
Newborn girl posed on our unique poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ in mulch

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4. Shades of Pink for a Newborn Girl Photo Session

Baby Photography Prop Bundle – Donna/Molly (Dusty Pink) uk
newborn girl photography props europe
Newborn Baby Prop Bundle – Donna/Nina Matching Set Europe
Perfectly coordinated shades of pink creates harmonious newborn photography prop setup

You can create a cohesive, monochromatic newborn photo props setup by mixing and matching noticeably different shades of one colour. This is a chance to match your photo props that are not the same ideal shade (which, let’s be real, is very difficult to do when shopping online). If you’re searching for an easy and quick way to accomplish this, remember the golden rule:

TIP: The less different shades you will combine the more harmonious newborn picture will look.

In such kind of setup – when different shades are combined – follow these simple tips:

  • Find another newborn photography prop of the same (lighter) shade for that lighter prop that is a different shade than the whole photo set.
  • If the first lighter-shade newborn photo prop occupies a fairly large area in the picture, then the second lighter-shade prop must be smaller – just a subtle repetition.

In the picture, the newborn wrap is a lighter-shade prop than the other photography props: background, poser, heart toy. It takes up quite a lot of space in the picture, so the prop that replicates the wrap is a very delicate headband for a newborn girl. This tie back headband completes the setup in a very subtle harmonic way. Couldn’t be easier!

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The newborn photographer should have knowledge not only in photography but also the basics of colour matching. Newborn photography props are used in every photo shoot to make things go smoothly, so choosing the right photo props and matching their colours is very important.

We understand that it is very difficult to determine the exact colour shade of a prop when shopping online, as the final image is influenced by many things: the light during the photo session as well as the retouching techniques used by the photographer. We always strive to provide the most accurate shade of the photo prop, but we also understand photographers who do not want to risk or simply waste endless time searching and matching newborn photography props. That’s why we make newborn photo prop sets – so you see all the items in one picture, and even the suggestions are offered about the newborn’s poses. And last but not least advantage is that when you buy our combined baby photo props bundle you save. It’s no wonder that newborn baby photo prop bundles are very popular and praised by our clients.

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Newborn Photography Props: Luxurious Monochromatic Setups in white grey pink brown for boy and girl USA

And here are all those beautiful newborn picture collages that will perfectly complement your collection of ideas on Pinterest boards. You are welcome!

Newborn photography bowl for boy pictures white neutral europe
Newborn photo props set girl textured grey poser wrap headband toy the perfect posie usa
Props for newborn photos boy posing pillow wrap blanket neutral grey minimal polen
Newborn posers photography props boy grey wrap neutral minimal prop shop eu
Newborn photography props boy wrap hat teddy bear beanbag posing fabric white neutral UK
Shades of Pink for a Newborn Girl Photo Session uk
props for newborn photoshoot baby boy poser wrap bonnet teddy bear new born props
photography prop newborn girl posing pillow wrap headband tieback neutral usa

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