• Baby Girl Wraps – Down

     13.90 excl. VAT

    These jersey baby girl wraps know all about making a swaddle statement. It’s crafted from soft and stretchy jersey fabric and is detailed with lovely tiny feathers print. With this delicate pattern, these wraps effortlessly whisk any photo prop setup from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Newborn Photography Prop Bundle – Molly/Stars

    From  58.14

    The perfect newborn photography prop bundle. Delicate teeny star pattern sets this elegant set apart.

    Save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually.

  • Newborn Wrap Photography Prop – Stars

     13.90 excl. VAT

    Bring in the exclusivity in with this patterned newborn wrap photography prop. Its charming stars pattern was printed on soft and stretchy jersey fabric. This style is a versatile partner for other props in white and is perfect for both, girls and boys photoshoot.

  • Baby Boy Photo Props Bundle – Wesley

    From  71.82

    A pom-pom on the hat and the fine stitch of sleepers are details that raise the stakes on this cute baby boy photo props set. Choose from three colours: cream, grey or dapper tan.

    Save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually.

  • Newborn Hats for Photography – Wesley

     24.90 29.90 excl. VAT

    We’ve taken understated plain bonnets and added a fur pom poms. The result? The cutest newborn hats for photography. Knitted from soft wool yarn with extra-long ties. Available in three neutral colours: cream, grey, dapper tan.

  • Newborn Photography Outfits – Knitted Sleepers Wesley

     49.90 excl. VAT

    Knitted from soft-to-the-touch wool-blend yarn, these newborn photography outfits – knitted sleepers delivers simple versatility. Its simple stitch is perfect for boys and girls and adds so much needed texture to your picture. Vintage details come in the form of functional (!) shell buttons.

  • Baby Prop Bundle – Stars/Molly

    From  83.34

    It might be super-simple, but this baby prop bundle is unmistakeably eye-catching. It combines a lovely star printed poser, white jersey wrap, cutest headband for a girl or luxurious mohair bonnet for a boy.

    Save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually.

  • Headband for Newborn Photography – Stars

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Shiny tiny stars, frayed ruffled detail and tie-back design put this headband for newborn photography at the top of your studio props list. The elegant white colour is perfect for coordinating with any other colour.

  • Newborn Poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Stars

     53.90 102.90 excl. VAT

    Meet ‘Create-a-Nest’™ – Posing Ring – Newborn Prop: your photography studio wardrobe staple with a stretch soft cover for a flattering fit. Printed little stars are a fun finishing touch, perfect for newborn boys and girls.

  • Baby Prop Bundle – Down/Taja

    From  80.73

    This newborn baby prop setup is a dream. Patterned but not too much, specially compiled for an A+ excitement.

    Buy this newborn prop bundle to save 10% off the total price you would pay if you ordered these photo props individually.

  • Newborn Poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ Down

     53.90 102.90 excl. VAT

    The fancy style you’ll want on hand. Our posing pillow newborn prop ‘Create-a-Nest’™ is somehow both eye-catching and incredibly elegant. This is all down to the printed cotton with added stretch – a fabric that is super soft for newborn skin.

  • Newborn Photography Headbands Tiebacks – Down

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Intricate feathers detail elevates these newborn photography headbands tiebacks from casual staple to instant setup-enhancer. It has an elegant embroidery hand-beaded with tiny beads that adds a graceful touch.

  • Newborn Photo Wrap – Roselyn

     13.90 excl. VAT

    Refresh your studio wardrobe with an admirable knitted wrap for newborn photos – this one’s classic pattern and white colour make it a perfect match for a bonnet, backdrop, poser or vessel.

  • Newborn Photography Fabric Backdrops – Roselyn

     24.90 27.90 excl. VAT

    A fan of white newborn photo setups? These drapey newborn photography fabric backdrops are the ultimate white blanket for a bean bag. It features a simple stitch and has a generous amount of stretch.

  • Newborn Baby Headbands Tiebacks – Gabriella

     10.90 excl. VAT

    We’ve taken an understated tiny hand-made rose, beaded with tiny beads and added plush mohair ties. The result? Dainty yet elegant newborn baby headbands. Stay classic with white colour or opt for vintage dapper tan shade.

  • Newborn Headbands for Photography – Olivia

     10.90 excl. VAT

    Tiny beads and artificial pearl give these dainty newborn headbands for photography a standout edge. The beautiful wrinkle detail creates an elegantly balanced shape that coordinates any newborn baby girl photo setup.