Newborn Photography Basket Prop – Joseph Vessel

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Hmmm, now what makes the perfect newborn photography basket prop? Unique mind-blowing design, for a starter. And a sophisticated shape, of course. Then there’s the right size for a newborn bowl prop to make sure your setup would be proportionate. Choose between white and raw-cotton colours.

If you purchase this product you will earn 99 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 99 Points!

A new addition to our unique and amazingly popular hand-made newborn bowl prop collection. Use this newborn photography basket prop with the best poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™, beautiful knitted newborn wrap, pair with a bonnet, coordinate with stunning headband tieback or any other photo prop… Trust us, you’ll never get tired of the ways to create photography setups with this timeless newborn bowl prop.

Inspired by perfectly imperfect sand waves, this newborn photography basket prop symbolizes the greatness of the universe. Furthermore, it’s a perfect newborn bowl prop to capture the magnificence of a new human being’s coming into this world. As well as the unforgettable joy and happiness of the family.

What Makes our Unique Newborn Photography Basket Prop – Joseph Vessel – so Special?


    A fabulous original masterpiece created by co-founder Lina and can be found here and only here.

    Stand out of the crowd! Your photos won’t slip through anyone’s eyes with this spectacular newborn bowl prop.

    This newborn bowl prop is created for both newborn girl and newborn boy photoshoots.

    Ideal newborn photography basket to add texture to your photo prop setup.

    We make this newborn photography basket in so many colours so you could create plenty of different newborn photo prop setups.

    Our unique basket is perfect for newborn twin photography poses as well.

    Every photo session. That's for sure!

Why do We Love this Newborn Photography Basket Prop?

  • An admirable drop-dead gorgeous newborn photography basket prop helps create spectacular pictures.
  • Coordinated newborn photo prop sets available (for your convenience listed below).
  • Textured newborn bowl prop for photoshoot in so many colours. Choose yours.
  • only.

Good to Know about this Newborn Photography Basket Prop

  • Note:
    • The vessel may not have the correct form of a circle. This enhances its picturesque organic quality.
    • The newborn photography basket prop is not as strong as a wooden bowl. However, this newborn bowl prop is strong enough to keep its own shape even when the baby is in it. As you can see in the pictures.
    • Even though this newborn photography basket prop is fairly strong, you would need to take a bit more care of it than you would of a wooden bowl.
    • Each one is unique and made by hand one at a time and will vary slightly in their own unique qualities as far as colour and shape.
    • By purchasing you are agreeing to accept slight variation in colour, size, shape and texture due to the handmade process.
  • Size:
    • The diameter of the bottom 26 cm approximately.
    • The diameter of the top 42 cm approximately.
    • Depth 12 cm approximately.
  • Content: cotton fabric, non-toxic strenthener.
  • Care: It is recommended placing a ‘Puppy Pad’ or any other absorbent material underneath the baby’s bottom for naked shots in order to protect this newborn bowl prop.
  • Availability: ***Pre-order product.*** Please check the General Information & Production Time section for current production time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About our Unique Newborn PhotographyBasket Prop–Vessel

Q:How are the newborn bowl props – Vessels – made?

A:Each one newborn bowl prop is made by hand one at a time and its own unique attributes enhance the picturesque organic quality.

Q:Is the vessel strong enough?

A: It is not as strong as a wooden bowl.However,it is strong enough to keep its own shape even when the new born baby is in it as you can see in the pictures.
Even though it is fairly strong,you would need to take a bit more care of the newborn photography basket prop than you would of a wooden bowl.

Q:How is the vessel wrapped for shipping?I’m scared delivery men that are not cautious.

A:Packaging is a real headache in terms of an irresponsible postman.We are selling these newborn photography basket props for a while now and it is one of our bestsellers.Therefore,we have sold them a nice quantity and we are proud to say that we haven’t received any complaint about packaging or vessel itself.

We love our customers and do the best we can.

We place the insert in the middle of the vessel to prevent it from compression,then place it in a plastic bag and finally in a cardboard box.

For more Q&A about our unique newborn photography basket propread this article>>.

Newborn Bowl Prop:How-to’s,Tips and Ideas

Curious about how to use our unique newborn photography basket prop?Need ideas on how to pose baby in the newborn bowl prop for photoshoot?Here are articles with top-quality tips from pro newborn photographers.You will also find creative and easy ideas to help you find out why newborn bowl is must-have photo prop.Get ready for your next perfect newborn photoshoot.

Images courtesy of Kristina Mack fromTiny Posers and Niki Sprekos fromNiki Sprekos Photographyfeature our unique newborn photography basket prop in action.


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