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Newborn Wrapping Techniques Easy and Admirable

Mastering newborn wrapping techniques is very important in newborn photography. Wraps are one of the main newborn photography props used during a photo shoot. Wrapped newborn feels safe. Fuzzy baby wrapped up calms down soon. Fed and wrapped up newborn falls asleep in a short time. So, wraps are definitely an irreplaceable prop for every newborn photographer.

However, many photographers get confused when it comes time to wrap a newborn during a photography session. Thoughts swirl in their minds about how to swaddle a baby this time so that the photos aren’t the same. There are many techniques to wrap your newborn in a different way so that you will be able to take beautiful pictures, but also avoid the monotony in your gallery.

Newborn Wrapping Techniques Easy and Admirable

In this article, I’ll share some easy yet impressive newborn wrapping techniques.

One Newborn Wrapping Technique – Different Angles

Sometimes there is no need to change the newborn wrapping technique in order to achieve different images for your clients. Try different angles when photographing the baby.

When newborn is sleepy there is no need to wrap up all the baby. You can cover only the bottom and the rest of the wrap put nicely near the baby. You will create a lovely setup using this newborn wrapping technique with an additional object to stop the viewer’s eye.

When the baby’s hands are free from the wrap it’s a great opportunity to ask the parents to hold the baby’s hands and take a wonderful picture.

baby wrapping tutorial

Newborn Wrapping Techniques for Macro Pictures

When preparing your posing flow always think about newborn poses and wrapping techniques when feet and/or fingers are visible. Parents love macro images of toes and fingers and that’s a great idea of bulking up your gallery. Luckily some baby wrapping techniques are great for that matter. Here are some amazing examples.

It is really a challenge to photograph an awake newborn. However, these sessions led by babies are exceptional ones and by no means doesn’t mean that you will not be able to take irresistible photos. Just be patient, creative and adapt to the situation.

You may get lucky enough to take a splendid picture when the baby takes his leg out from the wrap.

Newborn Wrapping Techniques for Macro Pictures

Also, plan when you could take other macro images. Consider which newborn poses as well as the wrapping techniques are good for that goal. Think about your lightning. When the light will be optimal to capture the newborn’s profile or maybe hair.

Wrapped Newborn and Parents Hands

One of the most impressive images that you can create to your clients’ is when the newborn is cuddled by his parents’ hands. You will be able to achieve this look using mostly all of the newborn wrapping techniques. The newborn itself and the hands of the parents play the most important role here so it is wise to choose a neutral wrap.

This photo figuratively expresses parents’ unconditional love and care.

Wrapped Newborn and Parents Hands

Loose Newborn Wrapping Techniques

You want to swaddle loosely your newborn baby sometimes to achieve a more natural relaxed look of the photo session. Take your chance to photograph all those newborn stretches and other movements.

You can tighten up your wrapping then to make newborn fell asleep soundly.

Wrap as a Layer

Wraps are not meant to be used for wrapping only. Did you ever think about that?

Your goal, as a newborn photography business owner, is to get as much as possible from every photography prop.

The next technique I want to overview is not exactly what you would call a newborn wrapping technique. I want you to look at your props from a much broader perspective. You can use wraps to cover a baby, too. Like this gorgeous example where the newborn is posed in a bowl and covered with a wrap.

Wraps can be easily used as a layering piece in newborn photography, as well.


Newborn Twin Wrapping Techniques

Newborn twin photography sessions are so exciting, much more complicated yet extremally rewarding. You will be photographing two babies so to create a harmonious setup you need choose photo props precisely. This type of photo shoot requires much more thorough preparation.

You need to think not only about the newborn wrapping techniques but also about props themselves. The best decision is to prepare two identical wraps.

However, sometimes it is not possible to do so and I, in this case, recommend choosing props in the same tonal range to make your pictures look polished. You can wrap the babies in different wraps and then cover them with another one. This way, there will be fewer different props in the photo and therefore less distraction from precious newborn babies. Again, try different angles.

Sensible sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Pose the first baby and take several pictures of him from different angles, of course.
  2. Pose the second baby beside the first one. Take several images again and try different angles.
  3. Remove the first baby and now take images of the second one alone.

You can use the same newborn wrapping techniques you are using during one newborn photoshoot.

Posing Baby in a Bed

Incorporating a prop like a bed, a drawer or some kind of a bowl is a great idea when trying to add variety to your newborn photo gallery. Wraps will be handy in this kind of setups as well. You can wrap or dress your newborn in special photography outfits when posing in a prop. You can cover a newborn with a wrap to add a finishing touch to your setup in these both scenarios.

A beautiful gallery of a newborn boy posed in a bed and covered with a wrap (as a layer) is shown below. As you can notice the baby was wrapped in a more relaxed way at the beginning, then covered with a second wrap and finally was completely wrapped trying to calm him.

An amazing newborn girl was photographed in a second example. The photographer dressed the newborn baby girl in a special photography outfit and covered with a wrap here. The baby girl was wide awake, but that was a rare opportunity to capture gorgeous widely opened eyes.

Final Words

Every photographer needs to be constantly interested and looking for ideas on new more interesting newborn wrapping techniques, thus bringing a little freshness to their galleries. At the same time, still, one must listen to the baby’s needs and wants and adapt wrapping techniques throughout the newborn photoshoot. However, this does not mean that the photos you take will be inferior because you had to deviate from the plan. After all, the work of a newborn photographer is so charming because you never know how your photo session will unfold.

I had the honor of using amazing pictures by the talented photographers in this article:

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newborn wrapping techniques easy and admirable

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