Newborn Photo Outfits: How to Add Variety to Your Gallery Easily

Do you ever feel like there is a lack of variety in your newborn photographs? Do you not dare to price your work enough because of the feeling your newborn photo gallery is tedious, bland and monotonous? Don’t feel like this anymore. In this article, we will give some great examples of beautiful pictures of newborn babies in photography outfits during their first photoshoot. You will be surprised what amazing pictures can be captured posing a baby boy or girl in just a couple of poses using newborn photo outfits to create a variety in your gallery.

Especially beginner photographers often feel worried if they will be able to take enough photographs to bulk up the clients’ gallery. They feel insecure that cannot figure out how to pose a newborn in all those different poses.

Well, don’t worry about that anymore! Here come rompers and all cute newborn photo outfits to help you. Different outfits give some variety even if you pose newborns in the same poses.

Tips to Changing Newborn Photo Outfits Easy

Some newborn photographers are afraid that they cannot redress babies into the newborn outfits (rompers, pants, dress sets etc.) without getting them waked up. So we are sharing practical tips on how to use rompers, sleepers, dresses and other newborn photography outfits ensuring that your newborn photoshoot goes smoothly and you are capturing various images for your clients’ gallery.

  1. White noise.

    Use any machine or even an app on your smartphone. It helps the baby feel safe and calm.

  2. Full tummy.

    The well-fed baby obviously will be happy and sleep more soundly.

  3. Heat.

    Keep your newborn photo studio warm enough as newborns cannot control their body temperature. An appropriate climate will keep the baby sleepy.

  4. Patience.

    Gentle, slow movements are key when changing things up.

  5. Special clothing.

    Newborn photo rompers and other outfits meant specifically for newborn shoots, which are very easy to get onto and off of the baby.

In the first part of this article, you’ll find impressive and easy to replicate ideas on how to turn a single newborn photo outfit into a multitude of masterful setups whether is a baby boy or a baby girl photoshoot.

In the second part, we will cover the baby photoshoot outfits designs and types and provide some worthy of admiration examples and brilliant tips.

PART ONE. Dreamy Setup Ideas Using a Newborn Photo Outfit

When planning your newborn session it’s always a good idea to make a cheat sheet to refer to. When the baby doesn’t seem to cooperate and you will be losing your mind you’ll be so happy that took some time to write down or sketch, if you prefer, newborn session flow. Think about what newborn photo outfits you will be using during the photoshoot and make sure they go well with the posing fabrics you are planning to use. If it’s difficult to decide you can always take a picture of rompers on different posing fabrics.

In all the pictures below, the newborn babies are dressed in the photoshoot outfit from our collection. These examples are indisputable proof that the newborn photography outfits we create are not only beautiful, unquestionably high quality, but also extremely versatile.

Exceptional and Easy Ideas on Newborn Baby Boy or Girl Wearing a Photo Outfit Posed on a Bean Bag

Newborns posed on a bean bag are the most common poses that are captured during the first newborn baby photoshoot. I tried to help you as much as I can by mimicking the newborn transitional posing. Although this newborn transitional posing sequence is the result of an analysis of the leading newborn photographers’ workflow as well as logical thinking, it is not necessarily the right sequence for you. Always consider the current situation and let the photography session be led by the newborn baby.

We present a lot of amazing ideas for newborn posing that you can implement. Don’t panic, you don’t need to do all these poses in one newborn photo session.

Easy Lifestyle Newborn Poses on a Bean Bag

You don’t need to have any special newborn posing skills to capture these lifestyle pictures. It’s the ultimate concept for beginner newborn photographers.

Simply put any blanket or fabric you have on the beanbag, lay a newborn baby and start taking pictures.

SHOP: Newborn Picture Outfits Vests Bodysuits – Izzy (Tan)

Put a wrap or any kind of layer on the bean bag before laying a baby. Mess up the layer making some chaotic wrinkles to create a different looking setup.

Use additional newborn photography props to achieve more variety in your gallery. Bonnets and hats are a pleasant addition to the newborn boy setup when the baby is dressed in an outfit for pictures. While a headband tie back is an alluring choice for coordinating newborn girl photo outfits.

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An Illusion of a Hammock

A coherent idea is to create an illusion of a newborn baby wearing a photoshoot outfit in a hammock pose. You can use the same wrap or grab another wrap from your newborn studio wardrobe.

This pose of a newborn baby lying in a hammock is easy to create. You won’t need to do a digital composition with Photoshop to merge a few images together and try to imitate that hammock is hanging in the air. Nevertheless, the picture is no less interesting and cute.

How to Create a Newborn in a Hammock Pose

So, here are the exact steps you need to perform in order to achieve this newborn baby in a hammock pose:

  1. Cover your newborn posing bean bag with a fabric backdrop.
  2. Place a wrap on it.
  3. Pose a newborn baby dressed in a knitted romper on his back. The baby should lie in about the middle of the wrap.
  4. Lift up the wrap end next to the baby’s bottom and form a hammock.
  5. Correct the position of the hands and feet. Also, pay attention to the head position.

TIP: You will need to gently tighten the wrap and fasten its ends to achieve this newborn pose.

Your assistant can help you with this setup. If you do not have an assistant, you can secure the ends of the wrap against the bean bag frame with clips. Another solution is to ask parents to hold the wrap. There is no need to be afraid to ask for help from clients – such an experience is often the first and very pleasant for them. Especially, when the parents will participate in the next setup.

First a Hammock, Then a Hug

Here is another admirable idea on how to take two different images with minimal newborn disturbance.

Now it’s time to prepare your newborn photography setup for the next shoot.

Gently pull out the wrap from under the baby. Show parents how to add hands to a newborn. Also, adjust the baby’s legs to make the newborn pose more professional.

Pictures of a newborn and parents are greatly appreciated. First, adding hands to a newborn makes it very easy to compare how small the baby is. This is a very important memory because children grow up very fast. And even sooner parents forget how small their baby was just after the birth. Secondly, this newborn pose illustrates the symbolic meaning – the unconditional love and care of parents.

Dreamy Backlit Newborn Poses on the Bean Bag

As it is common to pose a newborn in the Supine Curl Pose to create those praiseworthy backlit pictures it’s an excellent time for those captures. Simply turn your bean bag to change the light direction.

Newborn Baby Posed with a Toy

If the newborn baby is not tired yet you can simply move him to the Side Pose, add a toy and continue taking pictures with a newborn wearing an outfit.

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Close-Up Pictures of a Newborn

When a baby is wearing a romper it is a great opportunity to take macro pictures as well.

You just have to shoot the newborn from different angles! It’s the easiest way to bulk up your newborn photography gallery.


SHOP: Newborn Photography Outfit Long Sleeve Bodysuit – Gabriel (Cream)

TIP: Use newborn photography props with contrasting textures to create this kind of setup. It will make the photo even more impressive.


SHOP: Newborn Photography Outfit Long Sleeve Bodysuit – Gabriel (Cream)

As you can see most newborn poses are great to take macro portraits of the newborn baby.

Covered with a Blanket

The Chin On Hands Pose can be performed with a dressed newborn baby as well. The baby covered with a blanket looks especially cosy.

Here is an idea on how to photograph a soundly sleeping baby dressed in a newborn photo outfit posed on a beanbag and covered with a blanket.

Baby Posed Next to the Pillow

I won’t be wrong to say that this pose is very popular lately. It will appeal to those whose newborn photography style is boho.

This pose idea is great for newborn boys as well. I am sure, you have no doubt!

Read till the end to find out how to incorporate a sibling into this setup!

The Back Pose

And finally, the Back Pose.

I think this pose is not among the most requested newborn poses by parents, but it’s definitely a brilliant idea to create this kind of image. All those cute tiny buttons on the back of a photo outfit are sweet eye-catching details.

Awake Newborn Baby Photography Ideas

The outfits are suitable not only for a photo session of a soundly sleeping newborn baby. Look at this wide-awake cutie with big beautiful eyes!

If the newborn baby doesn’t cooperate it doesn’t mean that the only and final verdict for your photoshoot is failed. Just take a look at the pictures below. Wise and responsible preparation will definitely save your gallery (I think it can be expressed that way) and your photography business, of course. Lay some different blankets and fabrics on your bean bag, dress the newborn baby in a photo outfit and go ahead! Take pictures from different angles, cover the baby with a side of a blanket (or use a different fabric or even a wrap). Then gently lift the baby and remove one blanket. You can repeat this procedure as much as you need (or until you have any fabric on your bean bag left). Take pictures from different angles. Don’t forget to use the advantage of an amazing backlight. Zoom in and zoom out.

Baby photoshoot outfit cute white
baby boy photoshoot outfit knitted textured cute white

SHOP: Newborn Photography Outfit Long Sleeve Bodysuit – Gabriel (Cream)

TIP: Prepare more than one blanket on the bean bag before laying a baby. You will be able to create different setups if you will mess up the blanket.

infant boy outfits for pictures
infant boy outfits for pictures knitted white

SHOP: Newborn Photography Outfit Long Sleeve Bodysuit – Gabriel (Cream)

Try to catch various expressions of the newborn baby during his first photoshoot. Anna Kaul captured the sweetest jawn during her photography session.

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Newborn Baby Posed in a Prop

Another big bunch of ideas of a baby wearing a newborn photo outfit contains pictures with babies posed in different props.

Newborn Posed on our Poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™

Here is another spectacular idea.

Pose the baby boy on our unique newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™, dress in an outfit and coordinate the cutest mini teddy or a tiny heart for the cutest pictures.

newborn posing pillow white all newborn props Europe

SHOP: Newborn Photo Outfit – Knitted Romper Kendall (Cream), Newborn Headband – Coby

Coordinate a bonnet with the baby boy outfit and take some pictures to achieve even more variety in your newborn photo gallery.


Add Variety by Adding/Removing Extra Props

A phenomenal, yet easy to accomplish, idea is adding/removing some extra props from your newborn photography setup.

  • In this case create a full setup of a felted layer, newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ and pose a baby boy dressed in a photo outfit.
  • Take some images from different angles.
  • Then carefully raise the poser with a baby on it and ask your assistant (or a parent) to remove the layer beneath the poser.

Using this technique you’ll be able to create some different images with a minimum effort.

Use your imagination here and use whatever layer you have – it can be any piece of fur, knitted or crocheted layer… Or even you can move the poser with a baby (with a help of a spotter, definitely) onto another background. If you used plain background for the first picture, you can use a wooden, painted or printed background with some kind of graphic. Your style is the only limit. You get the idea!

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Close-Up on our ‘Create-a-Nest’™

Admirable macro images of two gorgeous similar setups feature a baby boy dressed in two a little bit different outfits for pictures – a footed sleepsuit and a bodysuit – and posed on our posing pillow ‘Create-a-Nest’™. Mini Bear adds a finishing touch to the photograph.

Newborn Laying in a Bed

A great idea is to pose the newborn in a bed. Coordinate the mini posing pillow – and the perfect setup is created! As you can see in the pictures below this photo setup with an outfit, bed and a pillow (or without) – is a wonderful choice for both – newborn boys and newborn girls.

Don’t miss the chance to enhance your newborn photo gallery by taking a closer image of exactly the same baby girl pose and setup.

Side Pose in a Bed

Another great pose when a newborn is dressed in a romper is the Side Pose. To add some variety to your gallery laying the baby in a bed is an amazing idea. Take pictures from different angles. To achieve even more variety cover a newborn girl with a wrap or other layer.

Newborn Baby Girl Photo Props – Matthew/Kendall

The safest way to incorporate siblings in the newborn photoshoot is to invite them to lay down next to the newborn. Help the older sister gently hug the baby.

You can invite a sibling to join a photoshoot if you posed a newborn on a regular pillow during the photoshoot at the time.

Another important part of the first newborn photography session is posing with parents.

Safe in Parents’ Hands

A heart-melting pose when a newborn is hugged by his parents’ hands. I love to call this pose Safe in Patents’ Hands.

The first variation of this pose is when the newborn baby is posed on the bean bag and the mother is lying next to him. She snuggles up gently and wraps her arms around the baby.

The second variation of the pose is when the newborn baby is posed on the bean bag as well but the mother puts her hands next to the baby, thus imitating holding her child.

A different approach to the pose Safe in Parent’s Hands is pictured below. Mother is holding her baby next to her chest so that she would be able to touch the child with her face. It can be a tender kiss or just a gentle touch of the nose.

Resting on Father’s Chest

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with something new when you need a photo of a newborn with a dad. Here’s a great idea: dress up the baby with a romper and lay him on his father’s chest. The father’s kiss gives this photo a special emotion.

This newborn baby and father pose idea is great in those cases when a new parent doesn’t feel comfortable holding this tiny creature in his hands.

It will definitely be a favourite of your clients!

Poses with Parents

Pictures of a whole new family are a must during the first newborn baby photo session.


Position parents holding a baby in front of a window or an artificial light and capture a magnificent backlit picture.


Use the moment and incorporate grandparents into the photo session as well.

SHOP: Newborn Boy Photography Outfits – Knitted Sleepers Wesley

If your clients bring a sibling to the photo session here is an excellent idea for the family picture:

PART TWO. Newborn Photo Outfits: Types and Designs

Newborn photo outfits have a special design, therefore, are easy to get them on and off the baby with minimal disturbance.

Newborn Boy Outfits for Pictures

I think every mother who has boys is always jealously looking at the girls’ department in clothing stores. It looks like such a great selection of fancy clothes for girls. Probably a similar situation exists in the supply of newborn photo outfits for boys. Since chic details like ruffles or ribbons aren’t suitable for boys ’clothing, we think the best recourse is various textures.

Vintage looking baby boy photo outfits

Vintage looking baby boy photo outfits usually have striking texture, that’s why they are so loved by the newborn photographers. Most of this kind of photo outfits have frayed details as well.

How to use vintage newborn boy outfits during photography sessions?

Some photographers start newborn photoshoot sessions baby naked and progress to clothing. If you prefer to start your newborn posing flow baby naked – pose him on the beanbag covered with a posing fabric. Take a couple of pictures of a newborn boy from different angles. Then you can get onto the romper and the bonnet as seen in the example below.

The following image was taken without moving a baby. Take the bonnet off and photograph from a different side. You will get a completely different newborn boy picture!

TIP: Try different angles to maximize your gallery. The same newborn pose as in the first picture but a different angle definitely will add so much desired variety.

Knitted Newborn Baby Boy Photo Outfits

Knitted outfits for newborn boys’ photoshoots can be different designs: bodysuits, sleepsuits, and rompers. They can have long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all.

We create matching accessories such as bonnets and hats and headbands to make it easy for a newborn photographer to coordinate the setup.

Newborn Girl Outfits for Photos

Cute newborn girl outfits for photos feature charmingly offbeat details. Get inspired by these newborn girl photos and learn how many pictures you can take with just one pose and one setup – poser and outfit – by removing/adding accessories.

Supine Curl Pose is the most common pose used with our unique newborn posing pillow ‘Create-a-Nest’™.

In the most amazing newborn girl posing flow below newborn girl outfits for photos – the Ava Romper & Bonnet Set gives richness to these images.

Newborn Girl Outfits for Photos - Romper, bonnet, poser
Newborn Girl Outfits for Photos

Pants made of stretch fabric in mulch combine a vintage-inspired top with ruffles. Bonnet features distressed hems and extra-long ties. This set is a newborn photographer’s dream. Show all its beauty in the zoom-out image!

The Mini Bunny with the same undertone and coordinating bow – the set up is worthy of taking a picture from the close.

TIP: Hide the ties of the bonnet under the newborn back so that the picture does not have too much distraction. This trick will also help you bring some variety to your gallery using the same newborn girl outfits for photos.

Newborn Girl Outfit for Photos - posing pillow, overalls, hat, mini bunny

The coordinating newborn girl outfits for photos with their interesting textures complement each other perfectly and forge a cohesive connection.

Don’t you think it’s the image your clients may want to be framed and proudly exhibited at their homes?

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Newborn Outfits for Pictures Gender-Neutral

There are two kinds of newborn photo outfits that are considered gender-neutral clothing. The first ones are simple design baby photography outfits that can be used for both – girls’ and boys’ photoshoots.

Simple Design Unisex Newborn Photography Outfits

Anna Kaul demonstrates perfectly how to use the same neutral newborn outfit for babies’ photoshoots of different genders – boys and girls. For a newborn baby boy photography setup, coordinate the outfit with a toy as a finishing touch for beautiful pictures. While a lovely headband can do the trick for a newborn baby girl setup.

Reversible Newborn Photography Outfits

We create reversible newborn photography outfits that are widely used by photographers around the world. The advantage of reversible baby photoshoot outfits is that you need to have fewer props. Reversible (as the word itself suggests) newborn outfits for pictures mean that one side is created for boys’ and the other for girls’ photo sessions. This kind of newborn photo clothing has specific accents on each side.

To get the image a vintage-inspired look the newborn boy is wearing romper Olivia. Made of soft knitted fabric with a hint of stretch, this romper has vintage-inspired detail like the patch with a wooden button on the boyish side. The romper is reversible and unbelievably chic girlish side is with a gleaming hand-beaded top ensures a polished finish to the newborn picture.

You can take off the romper with gentle movements so the baby will not awake and you have the amazing minimalistic image where our unique handmade Gideon Vessel works as an eye-catching prop.

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Final Words

Creating a high-quality newborn photography gallery doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Take some time before the session to think about the photography prop setups (and newborn photo outfits, of course) and prepare them. When you feel confident the baby will be calmer and your newborn session will go like a breeze. As a result, you will have an amazing full of variety newborn photography galleries that your clients will adore. Happy clients are one of the keys to success in the newborn photography business.

I had the honour of using amazing pictures by the talented photographers in this article (in order of appearance):

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