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Props for Newborn Photography: 7 Essential, Beginner-Friendly and Safe

Props for Newborn Photography: 7 Essential, Beginner-Friendly and Safe

Are you an excited beginner newborn photographer and wondering what props for newborn photography do you need? There is always uncertainty about starting a new venture, and the business of newborn photography is no different.

In this article, I’ll share the list of essential props for newborn photography, that are beginner-friendly and safe as well:

  1. Beanbag for Newborn Photography
    1. Traditional Newborn Posing Bean Bag
    2. Newborn Photography Bean Bag Alternative
  2. Backdrops for a Bean Bag
  3. Newborn Wraps for Photography
  4. Hats and Bonnets
  5. Tiebacks and Headbands for Newborn Photoshoot
  6. Newborn Outfits for Pictures
  7. Bowls for Newborn Photo Session

1. Beanbag for Newborn Photography

Beanbag for Newborn Photography Europe

First essential prop for newborn photography is a beanbag.

When photographing a newborn baby you should have something to lay a baby on. For that matter usually are used beanbags. There is a wide selection of the newborn posing beanbags available on the market these days. So, you just need to make a search in google (or another search engine).

Traditional Newborn Posing Bean Bag

Props for Newborn Photography: posing bean bag

They are all very similar in their properties: a large bag filled with beans. Most of them are made of waterproof material, so their surface is slippery, which can sometimes cause problems to properly position the newborn baby. Depending on the newborn pose you are wanting to achieve, you’ll need to lift the head, legs, etc. The posing beans come to help here, but due to the slippery surface, they can slip and ruin the newborn pose. However, this disadvantage is accepted as inevitable. And I think rarely anyone thinks it could be otherwise. Accidents in newborn photography are a daily occurrence, so the newborn posing bean bag should be easy to maintain.

Beanbags are sold unfilled. Therefore, you will need to purchase additional beans and take the time to complete this task. The polystyrene bean fill is recommended for the newborn posing beanbags usually.

Small studios may experience another discomfort caused by these props for newborn photography – their size. The beanbag, especially when used with a frame, is quite clumsy and requires sufficient space. Although those who are lucky enough to have a large photo studio will not experience this discomfort. Beanbags are comfortable and valuable posing props for newborn photography.

Newborn Photography Bean Bag Alternative

Bean bag alternative newborn photograhy - poser Create-a-nest, posing pillow, Europe

Innovative props for newborn photography are gaining popularity these days – smaller bean bag alternatives to the large traditional beanbags.

One of the best bean bag alternatives is our unique newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™. We have partnered with the best newborn photographers to create its unique design. It is easy to pose a baby on it for both beginner and advanced newborn photographer. This prop for newborn photography is great for small studios. In addition, it’s fantastic for saving storage space. Thus came the idea of ​​creating two parts for this poser – the base-newborn posing ring-and the cover. Thanks to the present invention, you can own one newborn posing pillow only and as many covers as you wish. This will save you space in your newborn photo studio and in the trunk of your car. Also, lets you offer enough variety to your clients. Plus, this prop for newborn photography is easy to maintain.

The advantages of our newborn baby poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™:

  • Small and lightweight.
  • Flawless in shape.
  • Safe for the newborn.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • An indispensable prop for newborn photography on location.
  • Washable.

Read more about newborn poser ‘Create-a-Nest’™ here.

2. Backdrops for a bean bag

Props for Newborn Photoshoot: fabric backdrop for bean bag, EU

Once you have selected the beanbag, the next step is choosing the second essential prop for newborn photography – a backdrop for a bean bag.

It is best if the backdrop fabric has at least some stretch. Then posing the newborn on the beanbag backdrop will not wrinkle, which will reduce editing time. The more stretchy posing fabric, the better. If you have a stand for a beanbag and enough experience, you may be lucky to ideally stretch the backdrop to prevent wrinkles when posing a newborn on it. Anyway, I don’t recommend it to beginner newborn photographers.

3. Newborn Wraps for Photography

Wraps for newborn photographers, Prop Shop

Other essential props for newborn photography are wraps.

Wrapped newborn calms down because the condition resembles his presence in the mother’s womb. Most photographers begin their newborn photo session workflow with the wrapping their little client, then gradually unwrapping, changing poses and other props when the baby is soundly asleep.

The best newborn wraps for photography, like beanbag backdrops, are those that have enough stretch. A piece of stretchy fabric will help you to wrap your newborn beautifully so that she looks picture-perfect in her newborn photo.

These essential props for newborn photography – baby wraps – can be used in many different ways. Not just to wrap a baby in a certain newborn pose. For instance, they are a perfect replacement for:

  • a stuffer in all kinds of baskets, crates and so on,
  • a blanket when posing newborn on a tiny bed,
  • a layer for so many other poses.

4. Hats and Bonnets

Props for Newborn Photography: hats, bonnets, cap, beanie

Fourth on our props for newborn photography list are all kinds of hats and bonnets.

A hat is ideal when some kind of accent is missing in your newborn photoshoot setup.

Newborn photo hats can be coordinated with wraps. A combination of textured hat and wrap with a plain newborn posing backdrop creates a marvellous setup. In this case, it is best that the contrasting element is a texture only and the colour of the newborn photo setup is the same tonal range.

The exclusive hat combined with a minimal design newborn photo props leads to stunning setup. The exclusive hat becomes the highlight of the newborn baby photo prop setup.

Hats are not only used in photo setups for newborn boys, but they are also successfully used in photo setups for newborn girls. In the example discussed, a distinctive style hat for a baby boy could be a pompom hat or everyone’s favourite teddy bear hat. A gorgeous bonnet can adorn the photo set up for a baby girl. Those bonnets often have some kind of embroidered or pendant detail, or extra long ties, which tied ribbon newborn girl picture makes special.

5. Tiebacks and Headbands for Newborn Photoshoot

Tie back headbands for newborn girl pictures

Headpieces – all kind of newborn headbands and tiebacks – are perfect props to add finishing touch to your baby girl photography setup. If your style is minimal – look for tiny and dainty newborn tie back headbands. You might want to decorate your newborn baby girl with a gorgeous fancy floral headband if your setup is generously ornated.

6. Newborn Outfits for Pictures

Newborn Outfits for Pictures: New born Girl  Beanbag In Dusty Pink And White Outfit, Europe

Newborn photo outfits are a great way to add variety to your photo gallery. Outfits used in newborn photo sessions are very various: from fancy lace dresses to splendid knitted rompers for girls, from minimal sleepers to vintage-style pants for boys.

Only your style will determine which newborn photoshoot outfit you’ll choose. The only thing to pay attention to – newborn photo outfits must be created as props for newborn photography. The special design of these outfits will help you to redress the newborn baby smoothly without awakening her.

7. Bowls for Newborn Photo Session

Unique Newborn Posing bowls, baskets, buckets, vessels, Europe

A newborn baby can be posed not only on a beanbag. Here come other props for newborn photography – different baskets, bowls, buckets, boxes, crates, beds, etc… These are perfect for posing a newborn baby as well.

The important thing is the right size of the prop for newborn photography — otherwise, the setup will be disproportionate. It must also be safe for the new born baby. Always pay attention to whether the bucket is too light and will not fall down when the newborn is placed in it. If in doubt, always use weights on the bottom of the bucket to ensure the setup would be completely safe.

The new trend in newborn photography is to place bowls on a beanbag under the fabric backdrop, so you don’t see bowl by itself, but the magic of the shadows highlights its shape. Very refined elegant setup is achieved this way.

The props for newborn photography you use during your sessions create the overall image of your style. It’s always wise to look for unique bowls to use in a newborn baby photoshoot. Such are our original newborn posing bowls – Vessels. Made by hand, each individual, making each unique in its own qualities.

Read more about newborn posing bowls – Vessels – here.

Final Words

In conclusion, there are props that are crucial to photograph a newborn baby. When looking for props for newborn photography, it is important to pay attention to its technical characteristics. But also never forget picturesque characteristics. A very important thing in photography is colour and you should never ignore it. Always think about whether you have to match that photo prop with some other props. If you are not sure whether props will coordinate each other or you do not want to spend an enormous amount of time searching for matching newborn photo props, it is always useful to buy photo prop bundles. Firstly, you will be confident that the set up is magnificent. Secondly, you will also save money and avoid hesitation.

Pictures courtesy of Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers.

Infographic – 7 Essential Props for Newborn Photography

As a summary of this post, I have created an infographic. Here you can see essential props for newborn photography at a glance.

newborn photography props check list must-have essential beginner-friendly safe
Props for Newborn Photography – Infographic

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Everything you need to know about newborn photo props

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