Thaddeus decorative mini posing pillow is like the best when adding finished touch to your photograph!

Hey, but let’s be practical. This Thaddeus Posing Pillow is not just  stunning,  but also easy to care for – can be washed in washing machine and stuffing will not deform. A must have prop to any newborn photographer’s props collection!

Taja Wrap is remarkable! Supersoft and perfectly stretchy—your search for the perfect timeless wrap is over. In classic jersey design and luxurious mohair yarn. Can you already imagine this prop in your studio setup? Just be sure to press a photo below and explore all the colours you can choose from.

Do you feel that Taja wrap is not enough to take your clients’ breath away? Then add this undeniably timeless, marvelous mohair  Taja Bonnet to your shopping cart!

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