A circle in newborn photography: symbol of protection, inclusion and wholeness

This Mandy Vessel is inspired by a geometric figure – a circle. Its edges reminiscent of many circles embody an outline of his symbolism. Circle also symbolizes womb, focus, unity, cycles, infinity, nurturing, everything, perfection. And these are the best words to describe the miracle of the beginning of a new life.

Exclusive handmade Mandy Vessel – charming unique work of art created by me and can be found here and only here.

The vessel is not enough to make a setup.  Most newborns need to be wrapped or even covered in order to make them feel safer. So, pair it with our most selling stretchy and special in a cool textural knit Floyd Wrap.

My dear artist! Be unique, be authentic, be yourself… It is the ideal vessel for newborn posing that will help you to tell your own story through the lens and not just reveal the beauty and fragility of the newborn. If your clients tend to be more spiritual than average  – they will surely appreciate meaningful and thoughtful newborn photo session. Because with the help of symbols everything becomes meaningful.

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