Newborn Photography Workflow: 1 pose – 7 Different Pictures!

Get inspired and learn how to make the most of just one newborn pose. You will know how to create the same baby posing flow to make stunning newborn photo gallery that just blows your clients away and helps you build a profitable newborn photography business.

Posed/studio newborn photography session

Are you offering posed/studio newborn photography sessions? Then you must have been heard a lot about the best time to photograph a newborn which is mostly described within 3-14 days after birth. It’s the time when a baby sleeps a lot and easier curls up into those poses that parents have been dreaming of while waiting for a baby to arrive and looking at those classic newborn photo ideas.

Although you should never refuse to photograph a baby even if the first two-weeks period has passed. Just inform the parents that the baby photo session will be a little bit different. Their baby girl or boy won’t curl up so easily and the images will have a different approach: there will be more photographs of their loved one with clothes on and other baby photography props or wide awake. Which, let’s assume, are no less beautiful and make a great memory as well.

Working in the industry of the newborn photography is very challenging. You are working with different people every time and the newborns are so different too! Even if the newborn photography session is scheduled for the first two-weeks period after baby birth no one can guaranty that it will go smooth, the baby will be sleepy and you will be able to curl up her into the poses you and the parents have planned.

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Newborn photography session preparation tips

As every great work to be done needs some planning newborn photo session is no exception. A day before your planned session take some time and look at the ideas you have discussed with your clients. When planning your newborn photography session make a list of those ideas or sketch some examples (if you are a visual learner) how you are going to pose a newborn girl or boy and how the newborn posing workflow will look like. While working in a hot studio, it’s easy to be distracted by a crying troubled baby so it’s always a good idea to have a prepared list of your planned baby posing flow.

It’s not a secret that the very first goal of the session is to make such adorable newborn photo gallery that just blows your clients away and makes them open wallets. So when planning your newborn baby posing flow always have in mind that you need to take images that look beautiful together. By capturing coordinating images you will be able to offer more products to your clients, not just prints, but also beautiful album or even frames! Which obviously will lead to the more profitable newborn photography business.

Newborn posing flow

In this article, we will look at how to capture as many pictures as possible just from one pose only by adding or changing baby photography props. And the best part of this overview is that you will be able to create the same newborn posing flow in your own studio (or at your client’s house if you are a traveling photographer) because all the baby photo props used to take these images will be detailed and linked.

So get inspired by the amazing posing flow created by unbelievable talented Kristina Mack from Tiny Posers and learn how to use flow posing to make the most of just one baby position.

Before we will dive into the newborn posing flow, let’s list the newborn photography props you will need for this newborn posing flow:

  1. A beanbag.
  2. A posing fabric backdrop.
  3. A mini possing pillow.
  4. A wrap.
  5. A headband tieback (can be substituted with a hat or bonnet for a baby boy or even a baby girl).

And now, let’s go to newborn posing. In the images below the newborn girl is photographed in the womb pose – the newborn photography pose when a baby is curled up in a position like she was in a mother’s womb.

The first image of the posing flow is of the newborn girl placed on a beanbag covered with a posing fabric backdrop and the Makenna Mini Posing Pillow. A decorative mini posing pillow is perfect to add finishing touch to your newborn photograph. The particular Makenna Mini Posing Pillow features delicate ruffled lace edges and looking very feminine in the image discloses newborn purity.

The second image is a close-up image from the same newborn pose and setup.

Now you have two adorable captures of a naked newborn. Time to cover her with a wrap. Covered or wrapped up newborns feel more comfortable: they are warmer and feel more secure.

In this setup, our Martin Wrap adds gorgeous lace texture. This piece of knit fabric with just enough stretch and amazing softness is a true newborn wrap icon.

Keep photographing the baby from a close-up. Take a couple of shots so you could have to choose from when editing.

It’s a good idea to take some macro images of the eyelashes, lips, nose, hair, tiny toes and fingers. It’s so easy to forget these little details and the pictures of them are so much loved by the baby’s parents. You do remember that your goal is to run a successful newborn photography business!

Take different shots of the setup: from the front, from the above. Try photograph from different angles. It helps to bulk the gallery out.

Finally, add a headband tieback for a newborn girl and a hat or a bonnet for a newborn boy to complete the baby setup. Elegant luxurious hand beaded with tiny pearls Coby Tieback is crafted to go with your loved wraps—for one very sweet session.

The great thing about newborn flow posing is you can take lots of different images from just one pose. You do not need to move the newborn so there are fewer chances the baby will awake. Also, you can have a great selection of images.

All of these are incredibly outstanding photographs of the newborn girl that were loved by her parents. She looks like an angel!

What an honor is to create an amazing piece art that your clients will buy to display on the walls at their house and will cherish forever.

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