Props-heros! Check out TOP 10 props, best of the best!

Our clients love these props,  you will too! Firstly, meet our
No. 1Harriet ‘Create-a-Nest’™ . This astonishing piece of art has been used in hundreds of remarkable photo sessions, it will inspire you for a masterpiece!

No. 2 is also taken by our unique ‘Create-a-Nest’™ , this time it’s so delicate and so versatile Joel ‘Create-a-Nest’™. Our personal favorite is grey one, but you may choose any of six colors.

No. 3 – time for pureness! This exclusive and charming handmade Mandy Vessel is a unique work of art created by co-founder Lina and can be found here and only here.

No. 4 is this remarkable Rachel Wrap. Due to it’s simplicity and elegance, this will definitely be your favorite wrap.  It is cut to size and edges are left unfinished for organic and seamless wrapping.

No. 5 is knitted Coby Romper set. Cuteness overload! Your clients will adore it… This use-always newborn outfit set includes a reversible romper, vintage-inspired bonnet and pretty hand beaded headband-tieback.

No. 6 and No. 7 are tiebacks, that always look so chic and stylish! They also goes perfectly with most of our wraps.

No. 8 is our Bunny lovie  because of  ‘Watch me grow’ photography packages. It gives you an opportunity to extend your cooperation with your customer for few more sessions.

No. 9 On the average, Harrison Create-a-Nest’™ is used 500 gazillion times by our clients. Surely it will become your favorite prop also.

No 10.  Last, but not least – this charming decorative Kelsey Posing Pillow. It’s perfect to add finished touch to your photograph. Features a delicate lace trim.

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